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Rent a Short Stay Apartment in Edinburgh City Centre.


Flexible Cancellation

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Weekly or Monthly Stays


All bills


Personalised Customer Service


40% Cheaper than Hotel Rooms


100% Online Booking Process

Short Stay Accommodation in Edinburgh. Simplified.

Bonjour Residences is a quality serviced and self-catering accommodation provider in Edinburgh for long and short stays.


All our furnished apartments are located in the heart of Edinburgh and come with high-end furnishings, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, WIFI, cleaning service and free parking. They're ideal for anyone who prefers the comfort of an apartment over a small hotel room.


We're particularly aware of the costs companies incur when they pick up the bill for multiple hotel rooms for corporate stays and want to help them reduce their costs while providing a home away from home for their workers.

As a small family business, Bonjour Residences is here to help you find the right property for your short stay accommodation needs. Please get in touch on +44 020 8242 4702, if you require accommodation in Edinburgh and our team will sort you out.


Our amenities. All included for your comfort.


City Centre Location.



Free High-
Speed WIFI.

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24H Guest Services (Tablet).


Kitchen &

Free Hygiene Products & Toiletries.

Prime city centre location. Always.

All our units are conveniently located in famous UNESCO Heritage sites Old Town and New Town. 


They're walking distance to major tourist attractions such as the Royal Mile, University of Edinburgh or Scottish National Gallery, renowned shopping havens such as Princes Street and business districts and bar streets such as George Street

All our units are close to a wide selection of restaurants, shops and bars.

Our Promise to you.

Quality Short Stay Apartments in Edinburgh City Centre for business or leisure - Your new Home away from Home

More Value for Money than a Hotel Room. Best Price Guarantee and up to 40% cheaper than hotel rooms

Smooth booking and check-in process and secure payments. We accept:


24h Support Team if assistance is required

Featured Apartments.

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Grassmarket, Old Town

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms



North Castle Street, New Town

3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

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Thistle Street, Old Town

2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom

Trusted by more than 30 happy customers and counting.

Book with us
for the best rates in Edinburgh.

Book directly with us to benefit from the best rates and no costly booking fees.


 Your best hotel alternative in Edinburgh.

Bonjour Residences offers high-quality short stay accommodation in Edinburgh's city centre, so you can get more value for your buck than when you book a hotel room. We cater to contractors & professionals who come to Edinburgh for a business trip and families that need temporary accommodation.

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